Meet Cara the Furever Gifts lovable Labrador Retriever dog

Cara is the oldest of the Furever Gifts mascots. She is a 14 (yes we did say 14!) year old pedigree golden Labrador Retriever. She has been with us since she was 12 weeks old and is a very important member of our family.

She was the quietest of the pups when we chose her from the litter and I knew she was the one for us as soon as I saw her sitting quietly at the back. Once I saw her my heart melted and she was destined to be with us forever.

Although she is an old girl now in her younger years she had boundless energy and boy did she love to swim. Even now she still loves her walks, all be them at a much slower pace. You can’t say the “walkies” word without her little face lighting up.

Like all Labradors, Cara would happily eat her own body weight in food if she had the chance :-)

She loves snacking on raw carrots and watermelon and generally anything else food related. Her favourite thing is opening presents, she gets so excited and just can’t wait to get to them. So much so we can’t leave any Christmas presents under the tree whatsoever.

Her favourite toy is her beloved leopard teddy who she snuggles up to and sleeps with every night.

Each year we don’t think she will make another birthday or Christmas but she amazes us and keeps making them so let’s hope we may have a few more celebrations on the horizon.

Out of all our animal and pet related gifts, Cara’s favourite is our Labrador Retriever keyring.

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