Meet Elmo the Furever Gifts Miniature Dachshund Sausage dog #furevergifts #dachshund #doxie #sausage

Elmo is the youngest of the Furever Gifts mascots. He is a 3-year-old, silver dapple, miniature dachshund. He has been with us since he was 12 weeks old and is a very important and extremely noisy member of our family.

Like all miniature doxies, Elmo is very vocal and definitely suffers from small dog syndrome. He is most definitely a Rottweiler trapped in a sausage dog body.

As you can see he just loves getting dressed up, not! He even hates having his collar and harness on for a walk. Even in winter when it is snowing he would rather be shivering than wear one of his many coats.

Like Cara he too loves snacking on raw carrots and watermelon although he is far less food orientated than Cara the Labrador.

He loves to dig and can be very destructive when undertaking his favourite pastime, resulting in new laminate floor to replace the hall way carpet he shredded whilst digging a very big hole. He also has a new found talent when he recently completed the toilet roll challenge!

It is a good job that he can also be very affectionate and he loves to snuggle up close and give hugs and kisses. He is also very close to Cara and they snuggle up on a daily basis. They also do the occasional duet together too!

His doesn’t really have a favourite toy, although he has a toy basket full of toys without stuffing. He will destroy a cuddly toy in minutes and we have struggled to find even the most durable toys that he won’t destroy.

He is a very lazy boy who loves his sleep and his bed. He would and does happily sleep all day if left to his own devices.

Out of all our animal and pet related gifts, Elmo’s favourite is our gorgeous Sausage Dog bag from our new Wrendale Designs Luxury Collection.

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