Get to know Furever Gifts furbabies 🐶🐕

Hi, we hope everyone is safe and well in these strange times? Fingers crossed 🤞 that it is all moving in the right direction now and some normality can resume. We would like to introduce you to our four legged family members here at Furever Gifts, say hello to Elmo and Nellie. 😍

Elmo and Nellie are both very cheeky but adorable miniature sausage dogs. Read on to get to know them both a little more.


Elmo aka, Sausage, Woogs, Ignoramus and quite often several words that we cannot publish on here without adult 18 content rating! 🤣

He is the oldest of the two at four years old and big brother to Nellie. His favourite pastime is definitely sleeping and he barks at anything that moves! He thinks he is a Rottweiler trapped in a sausage dogs body and he suffers from little dog syndrome. He dislikes anything that requires much of an effort and he is one of the laziest dogs you will ever meet! 💤


Nellie aka, Nellie Ellie, Smelly Nellie, Nell, Roo (we will explain later!) and Bearclaws (have you seen the size of her feet!) 🤣

Nellie is the newest member of our family and she is still a baby at just six months old. 👶 She is the most obedient of the two despite her age although most sausages can play the ignorance game very well when it suits! She is part kangaroo, hence the nickname Roo or maybe even rabbit but by heck can she jump. 🦘 She can clear the baby gates for fun now!

As you can see Elmo takes his big brother duties very seriously, especially when he is sleeping!

So now you know a bit more about our furbabies and keep an eye out for them on our social media channels, they love the limelight. ❤

Love from Elmo and Nellie xx

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